"The Daily Bassist"

Let’s engage ourselves in a forum designed to maximize the benefits of our ongoing investment in and dedication to the Modern Musician.  I would like to offer you a unique opportunity to gain access to my Story, outlining what it took for me as a Bassist, Composer, Producer, and Educator to accomplish performances yielding: Seven -GRAMMY’s ®, Four- EMMYs ® , Six- RIAA ® certified Multiple Platinum and Gold records, Score for Major Motion Film,  and record a plethora of critically acclaimed diverse music.

Let me identify my beliefs, the rules and principles re:  The Daily Bassist, Good Intentions/ I Do My Job, A Great Band, The Business, Session Work, the Live Stage, Pedagogy and Technique, Your Gear, the Power of the Rhythm Section and the Sport of it All.   Explore my perspective on my eight year stint as the inaugural Late-Night Bassist for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”- from acting to arranging for TV, and yes, feeding your ever creative and increasing Spirit.

My early years of practicing on a “Daily Bassist” culminated into my recognition as an NEA Presidential Scholar Awardee in 1982.  Presently, as an Associate Professor of Music, with Tenure, and Director over Small Jazz Ensembles in the Department of Jazz and Improvisation Studies at The University of Michigan’s School of Music, Ann Arbor, my Daily Bassist practice revolves around working on my craft, my vision, and exchanging ideas with youth and those interested in growing their talent. In addition, I maintain a career as a Globe Trotting Touring Musician in efforts to remain excellent, relevant and sustain my need to navigate new circumstances, gain exposure, and trade wisdom from Masters all around the World.


Robert Hurst currently resides on the Board of Directors for the John W. & Alice Coltrane Foundation and is a highly sought after Educator at the University, High School and Early Childhood Development Education levels.

To date, Hurst has appeared on over 150 music & video recordings and is considered one of the most in-demand bassist of our time.  In addition, he has been recognized as a Best Jazz Bassist in National Polls and his three most recent CD releases, as a leader, on the Bebob Label have each garnered consecutive National Polling Critical Acclaim Recognition (2011-2014).